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Edicomsa Internacional Inc. was founded in 1978 with the main purpose of developing activities in the field of projects, construction, patents management and the developing of non conventional technologies for the construction process.

As a creator and owner of industrialized construction system known as Simplex Cepol, over the years Edicomsa has actively applied this technology to the design and construction of a range of buildings, including hotels, office buildings, administrative centers and housing, both in Spain and abroad.

During the last 40 years of activity, Edicomsa has produced more than 25,000,000 sq.m. of wall and slab panels in its factories worldwide. The technical characteristics of the Simplex Cepol system, its easy adaptability, the use of local labour and materials and the possibility of installing our production plants on site in each country, have been instrumental in the enhacement of the process.

Our expertise and experience in the areas of architectural and engineering design, planning, construction and interiors, provide projects with solutions perfectly adapted to the local ways of living and at the same time within a frame of competitive costs, greater speed of execution and excellent qualities.

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