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-Normal or pre-stressed reinforced concrete or mortar beams.

-Metal top, bottom and side connectors to connect panels to each other and to the rest of elements.

-Structural panels for external and partition walls made of lightweight reinforced concrete.

-Panels with pre installation for electricity and plumbing fittings.

-Railings, parapets and lightweight reinforced concrete lintels.

-Metal or reinforced concrete top construction ties.

-Precast slabs in lightweight concrete.

-Precast slabs in U-type reinforced concrete.

-Precast roofing elements in lightweight reinforced concrete



The construction of buildings using Simplex Cepol technology is charac- terized by the use of pre-set standard elements ready for use.


All of these are self-bearing and there is therefore little need for scaffold- ing, moldings, pinch bars and setting time in general.

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Lightweight reinforced concrete panels, structural, dimensionally coordinated so as to be used as self-bearing external, dividing and partitioning walls. As external wall panels, dividing walls, railings, electric and plumbing panels, they come either in single form or double panel with an air chamber in between. Sizes range from 1 to 3.5 m height and

0.80 to 1.20 m length. Normal thickness for wall panels is 8 , 12 , 16 and 20 cm, allowing a good balance between inertia, resistance, rigidity and insulation.



Lightweight reinforced concrete slabs with a modular width of 40 and 60 cm and variable length, depending on the span to be covered, containing thermal and acoustic insulation. Thickness also variable, depending on the structural calculation. Self-bearing, avoids strutting and facilitates the subsequent works as soon as it is installed.



External walls made of double-ribbed panels to build the structural walls of buildings of some considerable height. The lightweight panels form hollow walls, which saves on concrete.



1. Structural test.

Laboratory Test Certificate – University of Bahrain – College of Engineering

– Civil, Engineer and Architectural Department


Wall Panel:

Mechanical resistance compression strength: KN: 100

Flexibility KN: 25

1.Compression test.

Dimensions and weight of the model:

Height: 280 cm

Width : 80 cm Thickness: 16 cm

Weight: 620 kg

Transversal Section: 1280 cm2


Maximum load: 100 KN.

Max. longitudinal deformation: 0 Deformation on cracking: 0

2.Bending test.

Dimensions and weight of the model:

Height: 280 cm

Width : 80 cm

Thickness: 16 cm

Weight: 620 kg

Transversal section: 1280 cm2


Total breaking load: 25 KN

Maximum load reached: 25 KN

Breaking Method: Bending

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