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The experience of the Company in the Construction field as well as in the production and use of our own Industrialized Construction System known as Simplex Cepol, has run parallel to our activity in the architectural and engineering design work, applied to the projects in which the Company has been involved worldwide and third party´s projects.

In fact, the Consultancy work of the company in the fields of Architecture and Engineering design has grown to be a strong componentof the Company´s activities combining the design of projects using our technology with a number of projects in which our own technology is not involved on a small percentage.

As a result of that, Consultancy work for projects such as High Rise Buildings, Industrial Installations, Hospitals and Clinics, Urban Planning, etc. has been increasing in the scope of the work of the company in the last few years.

The group of professionals conforming the technical design team of The Company is a multidisciplinary and international group with extensive experience in projects of all kinds directed to the international markets and always acting in close collaboration with local consultants and major international Consultancy Firms for specific projects specific solutions.

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